SiTE:LAB is a nomadic all-volunteer artist-led initiative focused on creating site-specific public projects and events in underutilized and unique spaces. 

SiTE:LAB creates temporary public art projects aimed at facilitating dynamic collaborations between the art, design, education, business, and cultural communities of Grand Rapids.

Founded: 2010

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“It’s easy to do ruined-spaces and abandoned-building art badly, much harder to do it well. Michigan nonprofit SiTE:LAB has become something of a master of the form, as proven by its project for this year’s ArtPrize.” —Jillian Steinhauer, Hyperallergic

“SiTE:LAB is endlessly experimental, uncommodifiable, and creative; it is unstoppable, even without resources most organizations would need if they were to thrive....SiTE:LAB is a revelation, a new discovery, a fresh encounter with what it means to live, see, think, and feel. They make impeccable matches between sites and artists who activate these once forlorn spaces and turn them into magnificent phenomena that no one could have possibly imagined before.” —Lisa Freiman, Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University

”SiTE:LAB’s idiosyncratic and refreshing mission involves finding novel and compelling ways of inspiring and presenting ambitious artworks not in the art world but instead in the world....Count me now as an impassioned supporter of SiTE:LAB, with its devotion to transformative artworks realized in what are often unorthodox and surprising sites.” —Gregory Volk, New York-based Art Writer

"I think SiTE:LAB is a world-class installation group or whatever they call themselves. You could bring this to Documenta in Germany and it would be respected." —Jerry Saltz, Senior Art Critic, New York magazine


Paul Amenta
Grant Carmichael
Catherine Creamer
Metta Dwyer
Eric Kuhn
Sara Molina
Tom Clinton

Paul Amenta – President/Director
Sara Molina – Director
Johanna Jelks – Director
Leandro Robeles – Director
Omar Marty – Treasurer
Joe Doele – Secretary

Advisory Committee

Tom Simmons
Michael Peoples
Eric Schroeder
Tom Duimstra
Tamara Fox
Ben Schumitz
Ariane Johnson
Jen Rae Baker
Rachel Neva
Emily Dougherty
Brian Dougherty
Sara Fall